Private Group Zumba Class


Dance & Fitness4Life is a family owned business,  committed to creating a well-being space for our guests to enjoy and feel like home.  Through our fitness and health classes, we provide a natural holistic path to stay healthy and happy.  


Diversity is one of the greatest gifts we are fortunate to have in Los Angeles and we truly embrace and welcome everyone who wants to be part of our community.  


As we continue to evolve we want to be part of this growing awareness that our world needs.


We celebrate life with kindness and compassion! 



Erika Carvajal

Owner of DF4L

Decided to Open Dance & Fitness4life in Sep 2016, love health and fitness. Zumba Instructor enjoy teaching.


Helene Hector

Yoga Instructor

Hatha Yoga instructor, loves teaching to beginners to set a strong  foundation. Loves learning new techniques and passing them on to students always learning new things.


Ceasar Corona

Zumba Instructor

"It's not about being the best, it's about helping those around you achieve their best"  I discovered Zumba in 2012 and lived that way it made me feel. The rhythm of the music seemed to inherently move my body and set my soul alaze. With this newly ignited fie within me, I took the chance and became certified in 2015. What better way to share my passion with the world than through Zumba, one class at a time.


Anai Ibarra

Zumba Instructor

Has been a ZIN Member since March 2009

and I absolutely love teaching Zumba Classes. The reason is simple: Every class feels like a party! I am currently licensed to teach Zumba, Zumba Toning Aqua Zumba, Zumba Gold,  Zumba Step, Zumba in circuit. Come join me, I guarantee you will have a blast.


Cristina Nissen

Yoga Instructor

Cristina has been practicing yoga for 8 years and recently became more passionate for the practice and all of its many benefits. She has 200 hour certification.



Instructor Zumba, Toning, Salsa

Natalie started her career in Turkey and now teaches virtual classes. 

Energetic and fun to follow.


Aimee Malgapo

Yoga Instructor/ Marketing Admin

Aimee Malgapo, been practicing yoga for the past 7 years now became cerified to teach 2yrs. ago. Favorite style of yoga are Vinyasa, Bikram, and Restorative.  I love to practive yoga indoors and outdoors. My favorite pose is Eagle Pose or Garudasana. Through teaching yoga, I hope to inspire people to be confident and love their bodies.

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